vidicom developed the DMS (Dealer Management System) CENTRO Faktura and successfully placed it on the market in cooperation with Bosch contract wholesalers.

Definition (source: de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faktura):
Invoicing is a process in accounting in which an invoice is issued to a customer for deliveries and / or services that have already been made (in rare cases also for those that are initially planned). When invoicing, the business case is also posted to suitable accounts (sales revenue, receivables or cash, possibly sales tax).

The system is unique of its kind in the automotive sector in Europe, as the catalog system and DMS were consistently integrated. The successful CENTROdigital catalog system is a module in CENTRO Faktura, which has numerous important advantages for the user: No more interface problems, availability of your own warehouse in the catalog, etc. Such a combination of the different requirements from both areas had not yet been implemented.

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