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Vidicom has been developing and maintaining the electronic information system CENTROdigital on behalf of CENTRO Handelsgesellschaft mbh & Co. KG since 1999.Since the first edition, published in 2000, the system has been consistently further developed in close cooperation between the client and the service provider with a view to the constantly changing requirements. Today CENTROdigital has established itself as one of the leading systems on the market.The user-friendly design of the program interface and the practical implementation of our joint approach of not only simply displaying data but also integrating it according to the workshop logic is unmatched to this day. B. in the areas of maintenance data and labor values ​​and since 2009 also in the area of ​​manufacturer data. The new CENTROdigital.online, which was presented for the first time in 2018, also consistently follows this approach and goes one step further with intelligent search algorithms and an optimized operating concept.


As a complete electronic solution for the workshop, CENTROdigital includes the following information (as of version 01/2021):


  • 8.724.031 item data
  • 368.270.627 vehicle links
  • 9.529.172 image links
  • 120.707.200 comparison numbers
  • 43.873 car vehicle types
  • 25.572 commercial vehicle types
  • TecRMI labor values
  • TecRMI maintenance data
  • TecRMI technical setting values
  • TecRMI workshop manual
  • TecRMI tire / rim data
  • TecRMI service interval reset information
  • TecRMI timing belt manual
  • TecRMI cabin filter manual
  • TecRMI S.O.S.
  • TecRMI current information
  • Extensive manufacturer information for improved vehicle and part identification


A demo version on DVD is available directly from the product homepage at https://www.centrodigital.de or https://www.centrodigital.at (opens in a new window). On the homepage you will also find further information and notes on CENTROdigital and the wholesalers entrusted with sales. You can even create a demo access to the new CENTROdigital.online system yourself at https://centrodigital.online/login.

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